I just want to work on stuff!!!

March 6, 2010

sometimes it can be a real drag not to be able to go to the store for myself… i’m all revved up to to work on my dolls, i have everything i need to start dying the mohair except a pot to dye in!! i don’t want to use one that we cook in and the only one that’s sort of “extra” is one of those enamel pots but it’s cracked so it’s no good.

i’ve been corresponding with this lovely woman named Sue from http://shop.mohairwig.com/ and she’s been answering all my mohair-related questions. she told me that i can’t use any pot that’s steel (unless it’s stainless), aluminum or copper because it will react with the dye. so here i sit, wishing that i had something to do with all my energy.

i think i’m going to get addicted to this whole blogging thing….


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