Sleep? What’s that?? Ahh, the fruits of insomnia….

March 8, 2010

So here i am again, awake at 6am wondering if i should even sleep at all or just stay up another day… This seems to happen to me a lot. It’s not so bad, though. I’ve always been a bit of a night owl.

Today Joe came home early from work. This week I’ve barely seen him because he’s recording an album with Maria Muldaur and he’s usually gone before I wake up and when he comes home late, he just goes straight to bed. But tonight he worked at the cafe and didn’t do any recording so he was home by 7. I must admit, my reasons for wanting him home early aren’t really what you’d call “pure”. I mean, I love him and I really do miss him, but mostly…. I want him to come home so we can read more of the Golden Compass. It’s just so exciting and it takes all of my willpower not to read it alone.

So all day today I was waiting for Joe and basically twiddling my thumbs (and re-watching some episodes of LOST) because I didn’t have white vinegar to start dying my mohair (I decided to just use our broken pressure cooker and hope a new one shows up at goodwill some day soon, but then I needed vinegar and I could have sworn we had some…. but it was gone) When Joe came home, I was so conflicted! So excited to read but also so excited to start dying…. Well, I ended up doing the smart thing and hanging out with Joe until he fell asleep and then my day really began.

I’ve been washing, picking apart, sorting, and dreaming mohair for days now. The bag that I bought wasn’t quite clean enough to be used for doll hair so i had to shake it out and boil it with dish detergent. I haven’t gone through the whole bag yet (I ordered a pound) but i’m almost done.

Once it’s cleaned a bit, it’s still such a jumbled mess of tangles!! I was really worried at first that maybe I needed to buy mohair from a farmer who specifically sold to doll makers. I thought perhaps they’d be a bit more careful with it or something! I’m not sure what I was thinking… Anyway, I got all nervous and wrote again to Sue from and she told me it looked normal and assured me everything would be fine. She told me to pull apart smaller clumped up locks before I dye them so that’s what I’ve been doing while I waited for my dying supplies.

It’s a good thing I enjoy tedious tasks! This is quite time consuming and a bit frustrating for some one like me who’s not sure if they’re doing it right! I don’t know if my back is enjoying it as much as my mind, however. I really need one of those weird chairs with no back that makes you kneel at your desk, that seems like it would help.

So back to tonight.. or this morning… I’m confused and I think the sun’s coming up…. Sooo, after Joe went to sleep I hopped up with all my excited energy, put on some Boswell Sisters and started the whole big dying process. It’s really not that big, it just takes a little while for the water to boil and requires a mask and rubber gloves and all that hoo-ha. I’m really nervous about things that are that dangerous, I prefer safe organic things that I can touch and smell without getting cancer, but this is what I have right now so it’ll do.

I decided to do a test batch, just a little bit of hair at first to see what the colors look like. The first one I tried was a “scarlet” and it was sort of awful. Too pink for my taste. So I added some “mulberry” to try to darken it a bit. Unfortunately, I added a LOT of mulberry (oops!) and it was just straight purple. Very pretty, but I still need to figure out how I’m going to make that scarlet more like the deep red I want it to be. So here it is!! My very first attempt at dying mohair! It’s really very exciting, even though it’s just a little ball of fluff that will never be hair on a doll head.

I spent the rest of the night on an another attempt. Unfortunately, I don’t have much patience for test-batches and experiments, so I threw a bunch of locks into a pot of dye and sort of mixed the mulberry, scarlet and black attempting to get a dark red. I think it’s going to be more black than anything else, but that’s okay. I’m sure I’ll use it no matter what color it is! It’s drying now by the wood stove and too dark to take any photos, so it’ll have to wait. It’s a bit too dark for me to even tell what color it is so it’ll be a surprise. ^-^


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