Off with her head!

March 16, 2010

I suppose I can’t stop thinking about Alice in Wonderland, but that’s not actually what I’m writing about today… I am feeling a bit better today, even though I barely got any sleep. It’s just such a lovely day, the sun is out and it’s actually warm! So I woke in a fairly good mood and I’ve gotten back to work in doll land.

Right now I’m attempting to make some new heads to go with the fabulous color of mohair that I dyed. It’s proved to be quite obnoxious and tedious. Of course, I seem to have lost my usual head patterns, so I had to make a new one. For some reason head patterns are always a huge problem for me. The slightest little cut in the wrong place can turn a head from pretty to pretty awful. So it took a lot of trial and error (as it does every time I miss-place my head patterns… I do it a lot) but I finally have one I like.

The thing with making heads is that just having the right pattern is never enough. You also have to stuff it right, sculpt the nose right on the very first try (once those holes are made with the needle, they don’t really go away) and make perfect lips, also on the first try. So for the past few days I’ve been making an awful lot of heads. I made some that are okay, but for some reason I’m not entirely happy with them. I guess I’ll just keep trying, eventually I’ll get it right!


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