Can you have too many projects at one time?

March 24, 2010

Maybe… We’ll see.

I have a tendency to start too many projects at the same time and I generally end up neglecting most of them, well, forever. But I’m really hopeful this time!

First, as you may know, I started working on my little Clara. Remember her? She was my first mohair experiment. Well, I sort of got distracted by more mohair ideas and neglected to make her any clothes! Poor dear…

(What she’s wearing is only temporary for the photos)

Next I made my two little redheads. They have been a bit frustrating. Whenever I learn something new, I have this silly expectation for myself that I’ll be a pro after a couple tries, and they were no exception. Having my third try at wefting mohair be less than perfect was just enough of a bother to cause me to not feel like working on (or looking at) those little sweeties. Eventually, I’ll be back to them. Just not right now.

red heads

I spent a couple of days being idle, not really understanding why I didn’t feel like working on anything. I played a lot of Super Nintendo and read book 4 of the “The Last Man” from Vertigo comics. I basically procrastinated until I couldn’t sit still anymore. That’s when I decided to start something new. So I opted to start making dioramas for displaying my dolls. I need to do it eventually, if I’m ever going to have an art show. So I started that.

That project is all well and good, but it’s slow going. There’s a lot of waiting for the paper mache to dry and a lot of sitting around thinking and sketching what I want the outcome to resemble. I decided on having a window and a table, but that’s all I’m going to reveal for now.

Today I got a lot done. I did another layer of paper mache and while waiting for it to dry, I remembered another paper mache project I started long ago and never finished. My centaur. Here she is with a fresh layer of paper mache, holding the top of the table for the diorama by the wood stove, drying.

Next I decided to finally make a boat! I had started a couple different boat projects, but they didn’t quite come out how I wanted. I made their skeletons with wire and the body with tissue paper mache. It definitely was a lot harder to do than I had thought. Trying to wrap wet tissue paper around wire is so hard you’d have to be crazy (or just have no idea what you’re doing) to try it. Well, I might be a bit of both, but this time I had a different approach.

I made the whole body out of cereal boxes. I knew I was having cravings for cereal for a reason! Though I put a post on Freecycle asking for more, since I can only eat so much cereal. Anyway, it came out great! I’m really excited about it, I think it’s going to be a terrific project. It really helps that Joe got me this roll of brown paper from the hardware store that looks terrific with the paper mache.

And last, for now… Drum roll please….. I’m starting a painting! (Okay, maybe it’s not as exciting for anyone else as it is for me)

Painting is a huge challenge for me. I never really learned how to do it and it always seems so much harder than I thought it would be. I’ve been teaching myself to paint with watercolors with some success, but now I’m going to attempt an acrylic painting. Thanks to my wonderful and amazing friend Elm (aka Spud), I actually have paints, so I’m going to give it a try. Though so far all I’ve done is take a tiny canvas from Goodwill and paint it over in white so as to have a clean palette to work with.

Cleanse your palette

I’m actually really nervous about the whole thing! We’ll see how it turns out… I’ll explain more about what I’m painting once I’ve actually started.

Well, that’s it for random projects, at the moment. I know these pictures aren’t all that interesting, I just hate to post without photos if I can help it! Hopefully putting all these half-finished projects on the internet will inspire some sort of completion. We’ll see. At least I want to finish them, and that’s the most important.


3 Responses to “Can you have too many projects at one time?”

  1. jenclair Says:

    Actually, I thought the pictures were very interesting! You have some great projects going here!

  2. PY Says:

    Your little clara looks cute and interesting !

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