Earth Hour

March 27, 2010

What a lovely idea, turning off the lights for an hour. I also turned off my computer, but I kept the radio. There’s a great program on my local NPR station on Saturday nights called the Swing years which is 5 hours or so of music from the 20s-50s. Joe came home with Thai food and we had a lovely meal then read The Subtle Knife by candlelight. When he left I tried to draw a bit, but I’m still feeling stuck. I just liked sitting in the candle light.

It reminds me of when I was young and we’d have a snow storm that would cause a blackout. Those were my favorite nights. It was so nice, my father couldn’t use his computer, no one could watch the tv, we’d actually hang out as a family. I used to wish every night was a blackout….

Obviously, I finally got Photoshop... I'm still trying to figure out how it works, but so far it's awesome!


12 Responses to “Earth Hour”

  1. You left such a plaintive, self-deprecating comment about no one giving you feedback (in the Showcase Forum) that I HAD to drop by (lol).

    Your art projects AND your photographic record of them for the blog look absolutely extraordinary, subtle, delicate and evocative. I have no idea if there’s a paying market for it, but I hope it gives you as much pleasure to produce them as it did for me to look.

    Your work should be in the gift shops of museums, at the very least. I hope you have explored that market.

    • I’m so glad you like my work! I didn’t mean for my comment to sound so self-deprecating, but sometimes I do that without realizing.

      I hope someday to be able to sell my work, but as of yet I haven’t been ready to try. Really, I just enjoy making it all. It’s so rewarding for me to make what I make, and also to photograph it. Selling it isn’t really a priority. I figure I’ll have an art show or some such thing once I have so many pieces that I need to get rid of them to make space for more.

  2. atomicgator Says:

    Thanks for the feedback in the forum about Atomic Gator, I appreciate it. I also have a story on Earth Hour but it’s a little bit different than yours, don’t get mad, it was just for comedy..

    On a real note, the last house my wife and I lived in one of the best memories we had was one night when the lights went out. It was hot, we wound up watching the Graduate on my laptop and it was a rare night that we both will always remember.

    I just started searching your site, i’ll start to look around more but I like what I see.

    Great job


    • Thanks for checking out my site, I’m glad you like it. I liked your story, why would it make me mad? There’s something lovely and magical about blackouts, whether they’re on purpose or not.

  3. atomicgator Says:

    no, I meant on my blog that I have an Earth Hour story.. Not the story about me and my wife, that is sweet.. The one on my blog is sarcastic.. 🙂

  4. atomicgator Says:

    Sure, it’s on the second page of the Toyotathon story.

    Remember, I do comedy… 🙂


  5. atomicgator Says:

    Hope you liked it?

  6. I did, it was very silly. I think it’s important that what ever we believe in, we remember not to take ourselves too seriously ^.^

  7. chrislipjournal Says:

    Sovereign, I love your art! It’s so original. And you have a wonderful eye for photography. Thanks for pointing us to your blog. I’m subscribing.

    Rob of Chrislip

  8. pdoggbiker Says:

    Some imagination. I did enjoy your style of art and agree with Invisible Mikey and think a museum gift shop is perfect. Keep the adrenaline in check – I have the same problems sometimes and I can relate to your anxiety. Keep the faith!

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