From Wonderland to the Doldrums…

April 1, 2010

(F.Y.I.- I started writing this post two days ago, and haven’t gotten the chance to publish it until now)

So much has happened since my last post… The last two days have been so packed and intense, I haven’t had a chance to write.

First of all, I totally went to see Alice in Wonderland at the Seattle Science Center in an IMAX in 3D! It was soooo amazing and I’m so glad I went. It took us a few hours to get there and the drive was nice. We drove the hour and a half to Bainbridge island and took the ferry to Seattle. I love the ferry and it was a bit hard to stay in the car, but I really didn’t want to be around all those people. It was a bit sad because we didn’t get a spot by the windows on the way there or back, but Sarah went out and took some photos for me on the trip there.

Ah, what a perfectly gloomy northwest day.... There's the space needle where you find the Science Center, and the IMAX ^.^

Once we were there, we parked at the science center and Joe ran in and talked to the manager about sneaking me in. When we went it initially, it wasn’t so bad. We had to walk through a bit room with lots of people milling about, but we just went right by and into the theater. We got in before everyone else and picked out some good seats in the back where we could climb over the seats if we needed to get up.

Maybe I didn’t take my xanex soon enough, but once all the people started coming into the theater, I started getting upset. The show was completely sold out, even though it was 4pm on a Monday, and seeing all those people streaming in was so unsettling. I couldn’t do anything buy stare and hold onto Joe and Sarah. I don’t really know how to describe what was going through my head, but all I wanted was to be invisible.

Once the lights went down, however, I was fine. Then they started. Even the previews were amazing. There were previews for an IMAX movie about going to Mars that looked amazing. The astronauts were floating so close with the 3D that I felt I was seeing details I never would have noticed other wise. I’ve heard a lot of different reviews on the new 3D, good and bad, but I thought it was great. It was so subtle and realistic, I thought it was quite well done.
Okay, the movie itself…. HOLY CRAP IT WAS AWESOME!!! I loved the sets and the costumes (Alice gets her costume changed so often in the movie, every time her size changes is an excuse for a new fantastic outfit) I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was, and the special effects were very impressive. The way Alice could be the size of a doll or an amazon and meld perfectly with her surroundings and the other actors was very impressive. There was one scene where she is very tiny and the hatter runs over the tea table holding her hand that was brilliant. I want to see it again and again and again!!

But here’s what I didn’t like:

1. It seemed too short, I wish it had been 3 hours long

2. I don’t like their design for the Mad Hatter. Of course Johnny Depp was brilliant, he always is, but I couldn’t stand his make-up! Something about the white face and the eye (and cheek) shadow, I’m not quite sure. But I really didn’t like it. Also, when they would do a close up on him, his eye make-up looked all crusty…

3. At the end (not really a spoiler) the Hatter does a little dance to this awful music that doesn’t go with the movie and I highly doubt was written (or even approved) by Danny Elfman.

4. The music during the credits was AWFUL! It wasn’t until then that I was forced to remember that this was a Disney movie. It totally ruined the mood, I don’t know what pop artist they were trying to plug but it was just wrong.

All in all I loved it and it was so worth the stress and long drive so see it in 3D, if only it had been longer… I could have watched it for days.

When we got home, it wasn’t long before I nodded off. I hate the way xanex effects me. It is really helpful when I’m feeling anxiety, it usually makes me feel normal or at least closer to it. But once the threat has passed, I get so tired and pathetic. All I want is to drink hot cocoa and go to bed.

Eye Exam (no.2) courtesy of "f/stopFitz" via Flickr - click on the photo for a link to more photos by this awesome artist

The next day I had an eye exam. This was another huge event, though not nearly as rewarding. The eye doctor I went to see was in Silverdale (a.k.a. the Doldrums, a.k.a a town made of box stores and strip malls), about an hour away. The drive was nice (I like long drives) and the doctor’s office was pretty chill. One thing that was nice, there were no men there. The reason we drove so far for a little eye exam is because Joe was kind enough to seek out the only female eye doctor in the area. Both of the receptionists were women and there was no one else in the tiny office when we arrived, it was pretty easy at first.

Then they started their tests. Even though both my sister and mother wear glasses, I have never had an eye exam, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. First they put me in a teeny room with some machinery and had me look through holes at little lights and things. This was a bit hard. When I’m out in the world and I have to deal with strangers, I wear a big scarf, sunglasses and a hat and I hide in my fluffy scarf and coat. So to take off my hat and glasses and jut my chin out onto this little machine was a bit scary. When I’m nervous I curl up into my clothes and my self, getting smaller and smaller until I can’t see anything, but I couldn’t do that here. Then there was a machine that blew little puffs of air into my eyes…. That’s when I started getting really upset. I didn’t panic, I was fairly doped up on xanex, but after that every test and machine made me cry a little. It was really hard.

Thankfully, it all ended well. Turns out I do need glasses, so that means maybe I’ll stop getting migraines all the time and at the time it meant I got to try on all the different glasses ^.^ That was what I was really looking forward to, so it perked up my spirits. I had no idea that glasses were so boring! I swear, every pair in the whole store (not just the cheap ones my insurance covered) looked like a very slight variation on one theme. How boring! It was really hard for me to find a pair I liked, seeing as my choices were so limited. But I decided to go with the least-ugly pair so I can stop having headaches and maybe I’ll find a better pair some other day.

Coming home from another successful day, I was, once again, all drugged up. I still had to go to see my therapist so I had a cup of earl gray to perk up and was off again. To be honest, at the moment I can’t remember what we talked about in therapy, just that it was very difficult and I cried a lot. When I got home, I was so spent and sleepy, I curled up with some hot cocoa and watched the PBS documentary “In the Realms of the Unreal” about the artist Henry Darger, which was beautiful.


2 Responses to “From Wonderland to the Doldrums…”

  1. David Says:

    I completely agree about the dancing. My blood turned cold when Johnny Depp danced.

    • Hahaha, yea, it was awful. I felt like I spent the whole movie in this trance of awe but when he started to dance I woke up to the sad reality that Hollywood ruins everything.

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