May 1, 2010

Oh, I am so happy, we found a house!! Finally! It’s not perfect, mostly because it’s super far away and the landlord is trying to sell it, so we may only live there for a year, but regardless, we have a home to go to! Hooray! HOoray!!!! (you can’t see me but I’m bouncing up and down a lot with excitement)

Me and Sarah had this big long talk yesterday where we were entertaining the idea of moving down to Eugene, where Joe’s family is. We’re really worried about him cause he’s just so burnt out on my whole social phobia issue. I like to think that I don’t ask much of him anymore, but that’s really not true. Sometimes I get upset in the middle of the night (usually when he has to wake up super early and then work for 10 hours) and Joe wakes up and talks me down for hours. Whenever I get upset, he’s there. He’s always there for me when I need him and I can see the strain. So me and Sarah thought maybe if we moved down to where he wants to be, he’d have his family’s support and he’d feel better. But neither me nor Sarah actually wants to move down there. Where we live now is like a magical wonderland, how could we leave it?? This town is just so lovely and peaceful and beautiful… And to try to find a house that far away would be grueling. What if we couldn’t find one, what then? And Joe and Sarah would have to get new jobs and all the logistics just make it sound like such a bad idea. We decided that if we didn’t get the house we had just applied for, we’d take it as a sign that we should move to Oregon.

Less than an hour later, Sarah wrote me to say that we got the house! So I guess we’ll stay another year ^.^ We wont actually be in Port Townsend any more, we’ll be in Chimacum, the next town over. But none of us really mind. I know Sarah will really miss being able to ride her bike everywhere, but we can have a garden and we’ll have a big, private, sunny yard for a whole year, so it’s worth it. We’ll probably move back here after that, unless we move to Oregon.

So almost as soon as Sarah told me about the house, she went to Safeway and got some boxes, then more boxes. And I filled them up with stuff in record time. I’ve already packed all my art stuff, all our books, most of the pictures and fabrics off the walls, and a good deal of kitchen stuff. Right now Sarah’s at work and Joe’s in Portland. I’m not sure when either of them will be home but it’s sort of torturous to sit and wait with no more boxes to fill… I could pack this whole house in two days if I had all the boxes I need….

I’m so excited and I have nothing to do!!! I need to jump up and down or run around in circles or something! WE’RE MOVING OH MY GOD I’M SO EXCITED AAAAHHHH!!!!!


4 Responses to “WE ARE MOVING!!!!!!”

  1. I am SO happy for you! It’s bound to be better than stinky-neighborhood house with outhouse view. Better may not be “perfect”, but – IT’S still BETTER!

    I think you made a healthy compromise.

  2. Better is definitely BETTER. I am really excited, I think it’ll be great! I’m so full of excitement, I’m about to burst! >.<

  3. Valour Says:

    good luck with the move

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