YAY!! New house ♥

May 5, 2010

So we’re pretty much all moved in! I’ve been on overdrive for days. My whole body is sore and I feel like I haven’t stopped moving in so long.

Our new living room view

Our new house is in such a beautiful place, the yard is so lovely with the garden beds and lots of birds and trees. I wish the weather wasn’t so cold and yucky! I want to be outside all the time! I want to roll around in the grass and fall asleep in the sunshine. But I have to wait until there actually IS sunshine.

Just a tiny portion of our yard

My studio is crazy! It’s gonna need some work before it can really be considered my studio, right now it’s really just a garage. We need to put up insulation and to put in a floor (probably just plywood) so it will be warmer. The landlord said it was okay to install a pellet stove, too, so it’ll be a toasty little house for me! It really is more like a house than a room. It’s so big! It’s really hard to see from the photos, but it’s absolutely massive! It’s making my head spin with giant art project ideas… Oh the things I could do, now I just need to get over my compulsion to make such teeny tiny art.

Here's the inside of my new studio. It's hard to tell how big it is, but that slatted thing that looks like a dressing screen is a futon frame and the desk took up my WHOLE ROOM at the old house.

So that’s all the things that make this place awesome, and I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I haven’t said anything about the actual house… That’s because the house is just weird. It’s one of those “modular homes”, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen in person until now. It’s like living in a giant play house. I keep imagining that it was made in a factory where they have giant molds shaped like a house frame and they fill it with plastic. I can’t understand why anyone would ever build or buy a house like this willingly! It’s so cheap and crappy! The cabinets have weird laminate over them that’s coming off, the bathtubs are shallow with no overfill drains (odd.) the cupboards in the kitchen are a bit lacking, there’s really not that much space and only two drawers! And there are no closets in the main house, no place to put a broom or a vacuum or coats. And the worst part, we can’t put tacks or nails in the walls!! The landlord said the walls are coated with vinyl and if you put little holes in them, you can’t spackle them, you have to just replace the whole wall! We’re going to have to get creative to cover all the ugly white walls and the ridiculously large mirror in the kitchen.

This house is just silly. It’s not very well designed and it’s ugly. But I don’t care!! It’s a house! And it’ll totally work for the next year. Plus, I’ll have my studio and that’s all I really care about. That and the gardening space. I have my studio, and a lovely, sunny yard to garden in. Joe has his music room. Sarah has her own big bedroom and me and Joe have our own little bedroom. I have my kitties and my pooch, and it’s starting to look like home ^.^

S.D., lost in the moving mess


6 Responses to “YAY!! New house ♥”

  1. jani Says:

    Good luck in your new house! You really seemed to do it all so quickly,no wonder you’re beat.
    Sorry the house it ‘tacky?’ but the studio looks WONDERFUL!!! And the garden is dreamy, would love one like that.
    good times ahead! xxx

  2. I think your new property has tons of good potential, and it sounds as if it is more of what you were seeking. Great photos, as usual.

    I turned on a dime too! Thought I had the perfect house, then my wife and the realtor came up with a different one I liked even better, which is more affordable.

    (hope, hope, hope we get it…)

  3. Thanks Jani, I can’t wait until the studio is ready, it’s taking everything I’ve got to be patient for it!! We did move really fast, mostly because I packed the house in record time and badgered my roommates to move right away 🙂 It was so worth it.

    Invisible Mikey, this place totally has potential. I’d love to put a lot more energy into it, but we will only be here a year, since it’s for sale and it’s in Chimacum (we don’t want to live here forever)

    I’m so excited for you and your dream house!! Hopefully next year I’ll be joining you in the wonderful world of home-ownership:) I believe you’ll get it, if it’s the right house for you, you’ll get it!

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