Insulating a garage on a serious budget.

May 14, 2010

So all my money is now gone. Between all the initial payments to rent this house and insulating the garage, I now have no savings so buy a new camera. It’s sort of depressing, but that doesn’t really last once I see what I’ve gotten out of it all! I now live in a beautiful house with an amazing, sunny, private yard and soon I’ll have a humongous studio to boot. Plus, Sarah and Joe will be reimbursing me for some of the costs of it all, so I only have to save $700 in order to have as much as I previously had saved away for my dream camera.

The past few days have been the most intense and exhausting days I’ve experienced in probably over a year. Actually, ever since we moved I’ve only had a couple of days of laying about. It’s been really nice to be outside and finally get exercise, but I am so tired and stiff! My body is definitely not used to this, but it will be soon! It will be nice when I finally have my stamina back, at this point I feel like I’m shutting down around 5 and I can’t really function after that. But I’ve still gotten so much done!

First off, I built a compost! Okay, so maybe this isn’t that exciting for anyone else, but for me it’s like an incredible feat! I don’t think I’ve ever built anything on my own before! It seems like I must have, but I really can’t remember anything… So lets just say this is my first. It’s really simple, just five pallets with chicken wire and held together with baling wire and some hooks on the front so it comes off (easy access compost). It didn’t take me that long, either, but I felt so accomplished afterwards!

I think it might be hard for people who’ve never had serious social anxieties to understand how totally amazing this is. I haven’t gone past my own front porch in a year! (except to be shuffled into a car) So to be somewhere I can feel safe walking around alone and even go off into the woods and build something big and complicated (a year ago, I would have also been to overwhelmed by the process, crying and panicking every time I thought I did something wrong) This is so amazing for me and I am so proud and happy!! ^.^

So THEN, after that was done, we started working on my new studio. It never would have happened so quickly without Joe, if it happened at all. Joe is the most wonderful and amazing man on earth! He worked constantly for three days to make my studio a reality and not just a garage. I don’t know what I’d do without him. I know that he worked so hard because he wants me to be happy, and he knows that without my studio I’ll go mad (all my art supplies are still in boxes in the living room, it’s the only thing left to unpack) so I just want to say that I am the luckiest woman alive ^-^

Joe was trying to leave at 5 for the long drive down to Eugene, and when I told him it was 6:30, this was his reaction. But he kept working until it was all done!! So I made a lovely dinner for us all.

So now the garage looks, from the inside, like a giant cardboard box. We didn’t have much money to spend on it and it’s such a huge space! So what we did was buy fiberglass (yuck!) and put it in the walls and ceiling with a patchwork of cardboard and duct tape over top to keep it in. It looks so janky, but I think it’ll work! The most expensive part of the job was the floor, which is just plywood, but plywood’s expensive!

So I spent about two days cutting open cardboard boxes and duct taping all the holes and the flaps so that Sarah and Joe could tack them up on the walls. When I say it, it doesn’t sound like work at all! Maybe I’m just so stiff and wiped out from moving that it felt like work. Or maybe my body is just so deteriorated from not leaving the house or getting much exercise that I’m a total wuss! That sounds more likely.

With all the big, messy stuff done (putting in the insulation and cutting the plywood) Joe’s gone off to Oregon to practice with his band and visit family and me and Sarah are finishing up the job. All that’s left (pretty much) is to paint the floor so that it doesn’t splinter. I put on a coat yesterday, it was so much harder than I thought it would be! Getting the paint in all those little grooves and things. I used a whole gallon on the floor, that’s how big it is! The paint I used yesterday was sort of a dark gray, but today our paint is light purple… I have no idea what the result of that will turn out to be, but that’s what you get when you’re buying the miss-mixed paint, it’s cheap but not always pretty. Although purple on gray sounds nice…

Tomorrow is my birthday. Well, officially, but since Sarah and Joe are both working we’re celebrating it on Monday, with a lovely Sushi picnic! I’m so excited for that, but I am a bit weirded-out by my birthday. It just seemed to come so suddenly! And I keep forgetting how old I am, I’m never sure if I’m turning 26 or 27… :/ But I’m really excited because for my birthday I’m buying myself a fig tree ^-^ It will be so wonderful! It can grow in a pot forever, I can bring it with me whenever I move and in a few years, I’ll have fresh figs in the summer time!!! Yumm…. figs….


2 Responses to “Insulating a garage on a serious budget.”


    I’m still shoveling house buying/selling paperwork, thinking I might switch to a bulldozer.

    Until you get your upgraded camera equipment, rest assured that you already create marvelous images with the one you use now. You also know when to push the button, and how to select and edit images that will be effective in combination with your writing. I respect that, and it comes from you, not your machine tools.

  2. Thanks! I don’t feel 26, but that’s normal. I’ve never felt my age…

    Buying a house sounds like such a long, grueling process, but in the end it’s worth it.

    Thanks again, I’m glad you like my photos ^-^ I definitely get some shots I’m happy with, but I want more control over my camera, because there are a lot of things I can’t even attempt with my sister’s little camera (you can’t even control the aperture!) Not that I know much of anything about how to use a nice camera (basically all I know is shutter speed and aperture), but I know I’ll be able to figure it out and eventually do really cool stuff!!

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