August 13, 2011

Hey all. So life’s been crazy and intense but I’m starting to feel like I’m back on my feet finally. Sorry the whole ‘documenting my struggles’ thing didn’t really pan out… It’s awfully hard to put your thoughts and feelings out into the ether when you are so unhappy… At least it was for me. Things got so SO  bad for a bit there… But now I’m back in Vermont staying with my mama and I feel a lot better. I always feel good when I’m here, how can I not? It’s just such a beautiful, peaceful and serene place to be.

I’m working hard my dolls these days, too. Not making any new girls at the moment just preparing the ones I have for the art show I’m having in October! I’m so excited and really nervous but I think I’m ready this time. Since I’m actually going to attempt to ‘make it’ as an artist, I decided to start a new website just for my art. It’s still in the works (mostly because I only have dial-up at my house and my flickr account ran out!) but hopefully I can get it up to par before October. Feel free to come and check me out and subscribe on Facebook if you’re interested in what’s happening with my dolls and other art. I’m really hoping I sell some… I don’t really want to part with them but if I had money, think of all the fantastic art supplies and fabrics I could buy!!!

So come and see me on <a href=”; rel=”nofollow”> Facebook! </a>

P.S. – I know the new site’s a bit sad, but I’m working on it!!


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