So the weather has improved and seeing as how I really have nothing pressing to do (and inspired by David’s comments on my last post, in which he persuaded me that my flower photos aren’t as lame as I had thought), I spent the day yesterday obsessing over the macro setting on the camera and taking photos of a million tiny things in the yard. In all I think I took over two hundred pictures, but most of them were scrapped.

I’ve decided to post a little tribute to weeds. It often bothers me when people look at a little wildflower and say ‘Oh, that’s just a weed’ as if it’s not as pretty or worthy as something that was bought at a nursery. Maybe it’s because most of the wild plants here are foreign to me, but I think that they are all so lovely, I don’t understand why they get so little recognition for it! So many lovely little flowers are regularly pulled up, sprayed with pesticides or just completely overlooked (due to how extremely tiny they can be). So I went about my day on a quest to take flattering pictures of the weeds and wild plants around my yard so as to give them a well deserved spotlight.

So we’ll start with these, the beautiful (and very teeny) flowers which I can’t identify. I hope that if anyone reading this knows the names of these wildflowers, they’ll let me know.

Thanks to Jomegat, I now know this is Mouse-eared Chickweed

Since my original posting of these photos, a friend has told me the name of this little weed, it’s Cleavers and has a ton of awesome medicinal purposes!

Now for some I do know!

Miner's lettuce, one of my very favorites! Not only is is very pretty, but it is SO yummy! The leaves and stems are so crisp and delicious. There's a patch of them growing in this little nook in the yard, and I've started trying to cultivate them.

The beginning buds of Turkey Tail growing on a decrepit old planter. I just love the wood grain in this photo.

A Wild Rose being pollinated (and possibly gnawed on)

I know a lot of people cultivate these purposefully, an even buy them at nurseries, but here they grow wild and I saved these from the mower not too long ago. I was afraid they weren't going to pull through after the transplant, but here they are blooming and looking fantastic!

These make my imagination go wild! A series of bottles stuck in the ground outside (I have no idea what the purpose was for them) with little plants growing inside them! None of the photos I took did them justice, but this one will have to do.

I'll always love clover, they remind me of my childhood.

I almost missed this amazing little lichen. I didn't even notice it when when I was weeding around it last week! It's easy to miss, being so small, but if you take the time to look closely, it almost seems that this is where stars grow, before floating up to the sky ♥

I love Salal. The flowers are so sweet and angelic and I love the way the stems of the bush zig-zag all over the place, not to mention the berries! Sometimes it feels like everything in this area is edible!

So here's another lichen, which I don't know the name of. But this photo is one of my favorites. It reminds me of when I was young and everything I looked at had the potential to be a tiny world for me and my toys. All I had to do was get up close, and I could see doorways and porches and furniture, a whole little world or even universe for my imagination.

It was so hard to get a good photo of this! Even though it really is so pretty. Usnea is the first plant I ever tinctured and also one of the first plants I learned the medicinal and practical uses for. When I was traveling in a small circus through Oregon, we stopped to camp for a few weeks with a group of tree sitters near Fall Creek. It was from them that I learned that Usnea was a great substitute for toilet paper >.<

I've saved this one for last because I think it's the most incredible. I can't believe I have never looked at a Dandelion so closely before to see all the beautiful little swirls and spirals! It just goes to show how easy it is to overlook the beauty in the world when you are 'used to it'

So there you have it, my tribute to the world of weeds and teeny, overlooked wild plants. I hope that you found it interesting, since I know people don’t read my blog looking for gardening info! I just wanted to share what’s growing (and give myself a reason to take two hundred pictures!)